Career Coaching is one to one support while you seek to make changes to your working life and /or career.

We will work together to find clarity and direction during your job hunt or career change.

Through detailed self-analysis work, we will find what is important to you.

We work on some of the most common barriers that people have when approaching job hunting and career change.

Some of the areas we look at together are listed below:

  • Your personal values-internal, and external motivations

  • What interests and motivates you (both personally and at work)

  • Your strengths and weaknesses

  • Where you are now in your working life and where you would like to be

Mindset work

  • Your limiting beliefs and how to transform them

  • Gaining a positive mindset

  • Believing in your value

  • Looking at the obstacles you may face and working through them

  • Gaining clarity and finding a way forward

Skill set work

  • Identifying your key skills (hard and soft skills)

  • Looking at your main achievements to date

  • Looking at new skills you may want or need to learn and researching where and how these can be achieved

  • Identifying your values and aligning your work goals

Goal planning and setting achievable goals

  • Action planning to achieve your goals - goal mapping.

  • Accountability and recognising when and where you are making progress

  • Developing your confidence by establishing new habits

  • Keeping you accountable and motivated so that the important things get done and you start seeing results

My coaching style

My coaching style is down to earth and of a practical nature.  I am someone you can build trust with and all coaching is undertaken in confidence. The main purpose of the initial FREE discovery session is to see if we would work well together and determine whether my style of coaching would be a good fit for you.

We are all different!

I offer a confidential place for you to discuss your concerns and fears around your current career and job situation. My main role is to be a support to you.  I am not personally invested in your situation and therefore I can offer an unbiased, non- judgemental approach. 

At the end of your career coaching you will;

  • Have the practical tools that you need to continue or start your job search.

  • Be able to confidently articulate what you have to offer an employer and organisation and have a clear idea of what you don't want.

  • Have renewed confidence and knowledge about the types of roles and companies you would like to work for.

  • Know how to experiment with and refine your career change options.

  • Have discovered the changes you need to make to your career and new ways of finding meaningful, fulfilling and FUN work.

* Please note that career coaching is not counselling or psychotherapy and that I do not provide these services.  


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I currently offer three one 1:1 Coaching Programmes

90 Minute Strategy Sessions

These are Short, Sharp but most definately Supportive sessions to work on one or two specific blockers  or problems you may have with your job search or career change.  It's simple!  You let me know the problem before the session and then we hit it hard in 90 minutes! 

This is for you if you feel you need short term help and support. Excellent for interview practice!

Kick-Starter Programme - For short term career and job hunting goals - 6 weeks. One hour a week.

Signature Programme - For longer term coaching work - 8 weeks. One hour a week.

The content and duration of coaching is tailored to you and extra individual sessions can be arranged if requested.

For 1:1 career coaching a minimum 6 week course is needed to make progress. 

“I will definately refer Jo to all my friends when considering a career change. It is always worth investing in your future!”
— Kelly Gibson-Client